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Platform Engineer

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22 Oct 2021
Job Description

We are looking for a talented Platform Engineer to work within the Platform team delivering first class cloud services. We are pushing towards having everything as infrastructure as code, using automation everywhere and adding security into every layer of the product life cycle.

We are constantly refining our setup and evaluating new technologies and tools to further improve our infrastructure. We know that there are elements of our delivery pipeline that could be made more efficient.  We are looking for someone who has used Terraform or CloudFormation (both is better) and can demonstrate the use of these IAC tools.

This role involves playing a key part in executing our disaster recovery strategy for and web services.  You will help design, build IaC, and architect how we stand up resilient micro services in AWS. 

Alongside building this core infrastructure for the deployment pipeline, you will deploy Serverless technologies as well as older style infrastructure like EC2 and database servers. 

This is a fast-paced role, and well suited for someone looking to get their hands involved in all aspects of cloud provisioning using the latest tech stack, as well as orchestration and configuration management. You will be responsible for implementing CI/CD pipelines, defining infrastructure as code patterns, service integration and contributing to the DevOps culture within the wider Platform Engineering team.

What we need from you

To work successfully within this role, you will need significant experience with Linux supporting a web application. Our new platform is built from the ground up using AWS Serverless technologies, we are happy to help you transition from traditional containerisation or a virtual machine stack to get you onto our new platform.

Any knowledge of AWS Lambda, API Gateway will be advantageous although not essential. However, you need to have solid experience building pipelines, automation and a deep understanding of web technologies.

We are looking for someone who understands disaster recovery principles and has had exposure to a multi-region setup in the AWS.  

We manage all of infrastructure through infrastructure as code.  We use Terraform to build infrastructure and use CloudFormation in our Serverless pipelines.  Although we do not need development experience, you should be comfortable scripting in Python and keen to improve your knowledge in this area.

We're also looking for someone with a brain for networks and a love of tinkering. You should understand core networking fundamentals around TCP/UDP.

Root cause analysis is critical in troubleshooting issues and ensuring our set-up is constantly improving. You must be able to give an example of an issue for which you found the root cause and how you ensured such an issue did not occur in the future.

This is not an insular role. You will be working within a team, often having to communicate complex issues to someone without as much knowledge on the subject as you have.

What you will get from us

There will be a lot to learn! For someone who loves challenges and hates standing still, this role has plenty to offer. Our projects range from small to large but always offer variety and complexity, with plenty of support where needed. 

We try and get the balance right for all our roles, this one being no different. We would expect that project work will take up 80% of your time, with support work filling up the other 20%. As the role grows, the shift will be towards project work, and you can expect this type of work to be your majority focus in future.

As the team around you expands, expect to take on more responsibility. There is opportunity for this role to take on leadership if that's a direction that interests you or you may prefer to specialise in a particular technology or area of our platform as your skills develop. We invest in our staff and you will spend some of your time studying towards certifications in AWS, we sponsor both formal training and the exams.

If the opportunity to be part of shaping and transforming Dunelm’s Digital presence excites you, please apply for our immediate attention!