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Software Developer in Test

Hours Per Week:
Vacancy Type:
21 Aug 2020
Job Description

We are looking for an SDET, to join our Quality Engineering Chapter.  As member of the Data Engineering crew, you will work with the Data Engineers, where your primary focus will be as the voice of quality and Quality Engineering practices. You will work collaboratively to deliver high quality outcomes to our customers.

You will be focused on transformation, ingestion and insights on Data e.g. Extract Transform Load (ETL) Testing, Contract Testing. You will be hands on in the delivery and growth of the automation frameworks across our application stacks, whilst supporting the wider quality engineering community to better utilise and benefit from the automation within a Dev-Ops culture by shifting quality practices to the left.

You will support our delivery teams to ensure that quality is at the forefront of our delivery practices, and work towards a whole team ownership for quality. You will seek to identify obstacles that can derail the success of our deliveries, and help to identify and drive towards the mitigation of such obstacles

Key responsibilities:
  • Design and implement robust testing frameworks focused on enabling test first practices and fast feedback
  • Utilise toolsets that fit with the products under test and for use within a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline
  • Continually seek to advance the software quality practices and raise the overall maturity within the tribe, by identifying potential impediments / obstacles, which could impact upon achieving successful high quality deliverables at pace
  • Design, implement and execute automated test scenarios which demonstrate the business condition/behaviour under test and the expected results
  • Work closely with PO’s, Solution Architects, Principal QEs and Engineers to help design and implement testable solutions
  • Work collaboratively with the Engineering  team to ensure that quality is built into everything we do at Dunelm, focusing on bug prevention over detection
  • Help innovate and deliver continuous improvements across the domains and through the Quality Engineering Chapter
Essential skills required:
  • Strong background in Quality Engineering and Agile Quality Engineering techniques
  • Working in a collaborative Agile / Scrum environment to ensure quality is driven from the start and throughout the delivery process
  • Experience of Continuous Integration, Delivery and deployment through CI Pipelines
  • Knowledge of one / some of the following programming languages: Python or Ruby
  • Working knowledge and experience of serverless technologies
  • Working experience of testing within a microservices architecture
  • Understanding of programming principles and best practice (e.g. DRY, SOLID for creating re-usable code, best practice etc)
  • Enthusiasm for Data Science/Machine Learning
Desirable skills:
  • Experience background in Data Science/Machine Learning
  • AWS Lambda
  • Working experience with Snowflake
  • Experience with data transformation tools such as DBT
  • Experience with reporting tools such as PowerBI
  • Experience with non functional automated testing e.g. performance, security etc
  • Demonstrable knowledge of supporting understanding and consistency in delivery practices through ATDD / TDD / BDD