Store Support Centre

In September 2011, Bill & Jean Adderley, the founders of Dunelm, officially opened the Store Support Centre on Watermead Business Park, Syston, just outside of Leicester. In 33 short years Dunelm has grown to have over 140 stores, a manufacturing centre and fabric warehouse, a distribution centre and now this impressive new home that we call the Store Support Centre.

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Making sure that our business continues to grow is the shared aim with the people who work here. We're doing this by providing excellent support to our store teams to enable them to continue and delight our customers.

As you'd expect, we're home to a variety of specialist departments, including Buying, Merchandising, Marketing, Finance, People, IT, Dunelm Direct, Store Development, Multi channel, Property and many others. Each team has its own vital part to play, but it's by working together that we're driving the business forward.

We’re a friendly, fast-paced working environment where people are receptive to change and open to new ideas.

We've learned that if you want to develop new ideas in business, you have to develop people. That's just what we do here. With new projects on the horizon and plans to strengthen our brand like never before, now couldn't be a better time to join us.

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