Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre is responsible for supporting the 30 million customers per year who choose to shop with Dunelm either in store or online. Customers can choose to call, email, write or use social media when getting in touch.

Based in North Manchester, the 80 strong team handles around 700,000 customer interactions a year with around 60% of these customers calling and 40% emailing or using other channels.

The Dunelm Customer Contact Team is organised into 2 main teams: Service Operations and Service Support. The Service Operations Teams are the ones talking to customers day in, day out with the Service Support Team making sure the teams are trained appropriately, delivering the right quality, have efficient systems and processes to work with and who make sure everyone is available for customers at the right time.

About 1/2 million of the customers contacting the team have shopped online and need support with finding products to suit them, help with placing an order, checking the progress of their delivery or telling us when something hasn’t gone to plan.

Customers shopping in stores make up the remaining 200,000 conversations, looking to get help on store information, stock availability and product information.

While some colleagues in the team specialise in particular areas such as furniture or Dunelm at Home, we like to make sure all of our teams can answer all questions. We believe that this makes sure that we consistently meet the needs of our customers by being flexible, knowledgeable and confident.

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