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Getting a “graduate job” is what is instilled in us from University. Although, this might not be the full truth!

We’re on a variety of two-year Graduate Leadership Programmes, development Graduate Traineeships and some of us have already decided the path that we want to follow and we’re working our way up in entry level roles.

Having recently graduated, we wanted to join a forward-thinking business that would give us the autonomy to take ownership of our careers, develop us and keep us stimulated – we feel that we have that here.

And that’s why we’re taking over dunelm_insiders on Instagram and Dunelm’s Linkedin to show you what it’s really like to be a Graduate here.

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A career path to suit you

Having been on the leadership programme, we think that you should own your career – and Dunelm have let us do just that. Throughout the programme we’ve had a link in to a member of our Executive Board of Directors who have challenged, supported, shared strategic insights with us and set us on key business projects.

The leadership programmes last for around two years and have helped us build sound multi-channel business knowledge, as well as technical and leadership skills. You might expect:

  • A three months induction working in one of our stores, getting to know the operation and understanding the pressures that colleagues face on a daily basis
  • To work on a number of business change projects across the two years. These will be set by our Executive Board of Directors and will be based on improving how we do business in the future;
  • To work with your peers as part of a graduate team on projects, using each other’s skills and knowledge to deliver the best solution;
  • To take part in Dunelm’s programme of leadership workshops where you will learn about yourself and your leadership style;
  • To attend four Executive Board meetings, one every six months, where you’ll present your findings from your last six months and make proposals for the future.


Graduate jobs near me

You’ll start by spending three months in your nearest Dunelm store. This will give you important insights into the customer experience and also help you find your feet without the pressure of moving to a new area.

From there you’ll be based in our Leicester Support Centre (Software Development programme based in London), but may have the opportunity to spend time in some of our other site locations such as our London Support Centre, our Customer Service Centre in North Manchester or our Distribution Centre in Stoke-on-Trent.

What happens next?

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We look through the information to assess how suitable you are for the role. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Insight Evening

If successful from your telephone interview you’ll be invited to come along to an Insight Evening. This is your chance to ask us any questions to see if we’re the right for you and vice versa. In the evening you’ll complete a few tasks and also have the opportunity to speak to our current and previous Graduates.

Interview Process

If you pass initial screening, you'll be invited to a two-stage interview process. In this, you'll get to meet key members of the team and your hiring manager. Some departments will require work-related projects are completed prior to attending the interview and you will be asked to complete an online personality questionnaire ahead of the interview to help us get to know you.

Final decision

Within a week, we’ll give you feedback on your performance and, with any luck, we’ll offer you a job!